A Look Inside this Abandoned Saratoga County Military Base

Andrew Persons/YouTube

Although active during the cold war era, it was shut down in the 1970's.

Located in Stillwater is a vast piece of property that was once home to an Air Force radar station. The Saratoga Springs Air Force Station was one of 13 surveillance sites in the northeast. It's purpose was to monitor and alert any incoming air threat to the United States. 

The base opened in February 1951 and was operational up until 1977. Since then, nature and vandals have taken their toll, but many of the buildings - including 3 tower structures - still remain. 

Left behind is a number of decaying buildings, old equipment and even an underground bunker. 

Urban explorer Andrew Persons takes us on a tour of the abandoned base. 

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily injury and/or arrest. 

Inside the underground bunker. Emergency exit?
Andrew Persons/YouTube


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