BREAKING: Albany's Central Warehouse to be Torn Down

News 10 Video via YouTube

The controversial vacant building will get the wrecking ball

Just about a year after Redburn Development took ownership of Albany's decrepit concrete eyesore, it was announced Tuesday that the Central Warehouse will be demolished. Jeff Buell from Redburn Development confirmed to News 10 that they will no longer look at restoring the building:

A number of factors contributed to our inability to redevelop the Central Warehouse as proposed, including a very challenging economic climate. There sometimes is victory in defeat. And we look forward to working with our partners to get the building down and remove this blight from the skyline.

Chunks of concrete had been falling off the building, coming dangerously close to the Amtrak rail that sits beside it. The county recently installed netting on two sides to keep the concrete from hitting the tracks. 

Redburn also returned a $9 million grant they received to restore the building. 

No timeline has been set for the demolition. 


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