Schenectady's MiSci Museum May Have to Shut Down

MiSci, YouTube

This would be a big loss for the area.

A beloved gem in the city of Schenectady may close forever if it can't find a new building to move into. MiSci, the Museum of Innovation and Science, is home to numerous technological artifacts relating to Schenectady's rich history with General Electric. It also serves as a STEM learning center for students and an official NASA 'space place' planetarium. 

All of that could disappear if MiSci can't find a new home. Their current building just off Nott Terrace has structural issues that likely can't be repaired, putting its precious basement archives in danger. 

Gina Gould, the museum's director, tells Chris Churchill from the Times Union that the museum is in financial dire straits and gets no or very little public funds.

In the state of New York, there is absolutely no support for us, and that's a problem. Once a museum goes under, it never comes back, and that's kind of where we are.

Meanwhile, former Price Chopper CEO Neil Golub, who sits on the board of MiSci, says they've come up with the idea of a traveling exhibit idea as a way to generate revenue: 

That was the one thing we could come up with that could really help this organization. We need to save this place, and we're busting our butts to try to do it.

If MiSci closes, it would be a terrible loss for the Capital Region. Here's a bit of what they have to offer. 


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