SCARY VIDEO: Driver Speeds Right by School Bus in Rensselaer County

NewsChannel 13 Video

The van went on to hit another vehicle and then crash moments later.

This may be the most disturbing video of the day especially since it involves kids. A Tamarac school bus was dropping kids off along Route 7 in Pittstown on Tuesday, when a white van came speeding from behind as the bus was stopped.  You can see the door is about to open to let students off when the van barrels down and passes the school bus on the right. The driver was quick to close the door and hold the student back as the van came speeding down. 

Immediately after, the van swerves out of control, hits an oncoming box truck and crashes into the snow. Police say the driver, 22 year old Angel Fernando Pandiguana Pachar, was charged with a number of traffic violations including reckless driving and reckless endangerment. 








































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