Lake George Preparing For Sizable Crowds To Watch Wondrous Eclipse


Seems safe to say that Lake George will be packed on Monday.

With the pending total eclipse happening on Monday, hotels and restaurants in Lake George are preparing to be at full capacity.

The Fort William Henry is expecting to be completely full and it sounds like they have some pretty awesome specials for the people that will be staying with them. From "galaxy cupcakes" to a cash bar with eclipse themed drinks. 

The Adirondack Pub, which is usually closed on Monday's, is planning an "Eclipse Party"

Two major things that you're going to want to be prepared for if you plan on heading to Lake George, traffic and parking. Traffic is expected to be insane so you're going to want to get there early. By early, we mean you're probably going to want to spend the weekend there. Also, parking is very limited on a normal day in Lake George, this Monday there's a very good chance that there will be none. Our advise for that is much like what we gave you about dealing with the traffic, the earlier the better.



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