Easing into Daylight Saving Time

Easing into Daylight Saving Time

This weekend once again the world will adjust their clocks and lose an hour of sleep.  Every year the adjustment messes with millions of people, but what if it didn’t have to? What if you could spend the next few days preparing your body so when we lose an hour on Sunday, March 12, at 2:00 a.m. you would be ready.

CNN Health recently talked with experts about the best ways to prepare before we jump ahead an hour. One expert suggests already moving up the time you go to bed, eat your meals, exercise, and take medications. It’s also suggested that we expose ourselves to light earlier in the day and darkness earlier in the evening.

If you don’t find any of those options appealing the alternative is to move to a state like Hawaii, parts of Arizona or the US territories in the Pacific and Caribbean as those areas don’t follow the time change.

So, if you plan on sticking around the Capital Region for the next few days then when Daylight Saving Time returns this weekend make sure you prepare your internal clock- or don’t and instead drink lots of coffee.  Either way make sure you’re checking the batteries in your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors.

Feature Photo: Pixabay