Pet Connection

Pet Connection

Another one of those Pet Connections that really NEEDS our help. These two lost their Mom….passed asway…and they ended up with no where to go…fortunately they were rescued…and now Jamie and Claire need our help. They need to stay together.

Pet Connection 11-24-20 Jamie and Claire need homes together !!! Domestic Shorthair 10 years old. Their owner passed away and the remaining family members told the person that was cleaning out the deceased persons house to just put the cats outside because no one wanted them. No one knew their names, their age, or even if they were male or female. Thankfully, the cleaning person couldn’t bring herself to release the cats so she called a cat loving friend who took them in temporarily and then called HOPE. We named them and then found out they were both girls and about 10 years old. They are so alike we think they must be sisters. After all they’ve been through we put them together in a large enclosure at our facility at Wilton Mall and decided they must stay together forever. It took them a couple of weeks to adjust, but now they are super affectionate and happy. They deserve only the best home, and would qualify for our senior to senior program. They would bring so much joy to someone at home during this holiday season. It might take them a little while to adjust to a new place so the adopter must be willing to give them the time they need.

Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist (518) 428-2994

Set up an appointment to meet them at their Adoption center at the Wilton Mall.

****By the way….there are also two male brother cats…10 years old that need a home together.