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Chip Ordway


Quite a few years ago, a longtime on-air friend once told me that "Radio was a disease", and that once you got bit by the bug, you were "in for life".  So by his rationale, I've been sick since I was 13 years old, and set foot into the radio station that would become my first on-air job and my broadcast "Alma Mater" back in Babylon, NY, on Long Island where I was born and raised.  My radio "education" while growing up in NY was courtesy of such voices as Ron Lundy, Dan Taylor, and Dan Ingram amidst such heritage stations as WABC, WCBS-FM, and WHN.

Radio took me off The Island for a few years and then back again, where I was involved for a number of years on one of the first ever broadcast facilities to stream on the internet from 1997 onward.  I ended up back over the transmitted airwaves in 2008 and have been spinning the tunes ever since.

Spare time between juggling both my time at Magic and my 'other' job behind the scenes in TV News is spent searching the flea markets for more vintage 45's to add to the few thousand that I already have in my collection, chasing trains through New York and New England with my camera by my side, or just taking it easy with some sort of music playing in the background.  I also collect antique TV's (as space permits!)

I keep the music playing on Magic from 9-10 during the "Class Reunion Hour", and then from 12-2, which included "Lunchtime At The Oldies" at Noon.  Thanks for listening!

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